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Please be aware that we are constantly adding new topics and refinements to the information available here every month.

Just because you don't find what you need, may not necessarily mean that it's not available. 

Before sending us an email, we recommend that you go through our organized discussion forum which contains hundreds of detailed answers to questions posed by spa owners all around the country.  They are well indexed, and contain no advertising (well, except for when somebody asks me for a specific part and I provide a link to that part online at SpaPartsNet).

If you still can't make heads or tails of it, then go ahead and click the Email Us link above, and select the appropriate email type for your questions.

A word about part numbers and serial numbers

Usually, by the time a component fails, the spa / hot tub is well into it's life, at least 5 years or more.  At this point, most part numbers, model numbers, serial numbers.. etc.. are not worth the paper they're written on.

Over the years, manufacturers have dropped components, or made extensive changes to their product/parts lines, because of improvements or design changes themselves.

What is important, is to "describe" the physical and electrical characteristics of components, the size of them helps, anything that is available to you.  While it is ok to provide model and part numbers when you have them available,  the lack of one will usually make no difference, as about 90 percent of the spa repair components are "generic" to all spas.   (There is a specific exception when it comes to system control boards,  and the software version numbers that are on the board itself are paramount to gettting the correct replacement.  This exception also extends to large sequential type relays and air switches).


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