spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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What type of a spa pump / system do you have?
Contractor Installed spa in deck, with single speed pump
Usually, a single speed spa pump will run at 3650 rpm constantly. In this instance, the best settings for filtration is for about 2-3 hours per day total running time. Best way to set this up is for twice daily, about 1 to 1.5 hours each time. 
  • Spa with two speed pump and electric heater

    Most portable spas are set up this way, and also some better contractor built spas. Most of these are intended to be set up running on the clock 24 hours per day, continuously heated on demand, as determined by the thermostat setting. Normally, a spa like this will operate on low speed when filtering and heating, so, the Filter Timer should be set to filter the water from 4-6 hours per day, ie, two settings of 2-3 hours each.

1. Filter Timer Equipped Only. On this type of spa control, there is usually a two or three position switch that controls the heater and pump operation. Positions will usually indicate something like:

Continuous Filter

Timer controls Filter and Heater

Timer controls Filter, Thermostat controls Heater

For optimum results, you should set the switch to where the Timer Controls Filtering, and Thermostat Controls Heating.

2. Filter Timer and Heater Timer Equipped. There are a few spas that fit into this category, namely those that utilize Brett Aqualine Spa Controls, and a few others.
On these spas set the timer to filter the spa by the timer for 4-6 hours daily. Now usually, the heater timer is a 7 day type. You have two choices here. If the spa has a heater option switch with the timer, it can be set to either operate only on the days and times that you desire, or just have the thermostat control the heater full time. I generally prefer to let the spa stay hot, and the system controlled by the thermostat, and filter timer.

3.  No Timers, Just a Thermostat.  In this arrangement, all you can really do is set the thermostat and hopefully, enough heat demand will be present to operate the pump and subsequently filter the water satisfactorily.  If it doesn't, then turn the spa jets on for about 30-45 minutes every two days or so, or as necessary.  Many small spas do not have timers, and depend on heat demand to operate the pump filtration system.

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