spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and service help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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Spa and Hot Tub Service Rates (typical) Home New-Spa-Buyer's Guide
Unfortunately, with the sales of spas increasing year to year, there are not enough qualified technicians available to service the spas almost anywhere in this country.  This has been confirmed by others I have talked to around the United States, and this problem doesn't seem to have a solution at the moment. 

This makes owning a spa that much more difficult for the homeowner, and it is the biggest reason why this site even exists.

If you are lucky enough to even get someone to come out to your home and give you an estimate, here is an example of what to expect (note that these are APPROXIMATE and do not reflect the actual rates of service in different areas of the country):

Service Call, includes 20 minutes of diagnosis/repair 75.00 Trip Charge Only (local, 5 miles) 45.00
Outside Service Area Rate Minimum 95.00 Hourly Labor Rate 50.00
Pump Seal Replacement (thru-bolt, 48 frame) Add 50.00 Wet End Replacement, (thru-bolt, 48 frame) Add 50.00
Pump Motor Replacement (thru-bolt, 48 frame) Add 50.00 Complete Pump Replacement (no plumbing required) Add 50.00
Blower Assembly Replacement (no plumbing required) Add 30.00 Blower Motor Replacement Add 50.00
Standard Spa Pack Relay/Contactor Replacement Add 30.00 GFCI Replacement Add 30.00
Circuit Board Replacement Add 75.00 Side Control Replacement Add 30.00
Vulcan Heater Replacement Add 50.00 Stainless (flo-thru) Heater Element Replacement Add 30.00
Brett/Aquatherm Heater Element Replacement (with attached pack) Add 100.00 Brett/Aquatherm Heater Element Replacement (separate pack) Add 50.00
Accura Spa Heater Element Replacement (built in to pump) Add 100.00 Threaded Element Replacement (Ex: Continental, Jacuzzi, Regency, etc) Add 30.00
Thermostat Recalibration, Mechanical (in pack or deck mounted, solitary) NAC Thermostat Recalibration, Mechanical (boxed-in, air-type side control) Add 30.00
Thermostat Replacement, Mechanical (in pack or deck mounted, solitary) Add 30.00 Thermostat Replacement, Mechanical (boxed) Add 50.00
Hi-Limit Switch Replacement, Capillary Add 30.00 Thermostat or Hi-Limit Sensor Replacement, Digital Pack Add 30.00
Pressure Switch Replacement NAC Flow Switch Replacement, threaded NAC
Timer Replacement, Spa Pack Add 30.00 Freeze Control Installation Add 100.00
Standard Electrical Hookup 110V/220V, Minimum Charge $450.00 Gas Heater Installation, Minimum $300.00

Please note that the above service price examples reflect the following:

  • Standard Spa, easy access to all components.
  • Minimal problems encountered with corrosion on pumps, heaters, blowers, etc.
  • No special repair parts required.
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spa parts, hot tub parts and service Spa and Hot Tub Parts and Service

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