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spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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This section shows a complete spa control system replacement sequence.  It is on an older Leisure Bay Industries spa, utilizing an FF-32 control system, with a Vulcan Electric heater.  The new system is a Gecko Pro-Pack.  This installation is relatively easy, and straight forward, however it does take some time to do it properly, along with the use of a lot of common sense.  Virtually all spa equipment configurations are different, sometimes even among those of the same make and model. 

Sometimes only slight variations can cause problems in one installation that you'll not see in another, so be careful, and if you decided to tackle a project like this, remember to think.... and measure... and re-think... and re-measure... BEFORE you cut or glue in that fitting!

Safety Warnings!
Remove Power from the spa/hot tub BEFORE working on your spa/hot-tub!  Failure to comply with this requirement, can lead to electrical shock and/or electrocution!

Drain the spa before attempting a job like this!
On this spa, we are going to remove the older equipment configuration on the left, and replace it with the newer digital system on the right.  We are also replacing the blower assembly.
Len Gordon FF-1032 System, with Vulcan heater. New Gecko Pro-Pack installed.

After all power is confirmed to be turned off, and the spa is drained, the first thing to do is to remove all of the existing equipment, including the pump.  Now's a good time to go ahead and replace the pump seal assembly. Removing the older equipment.
Go ahead and install new seals while you've got it out.

Removal of the side control assembly from the spa is next.  Usually 4 screws hold it in the spa shell, accessed by lifting up the plastic decorative cover of the side control.
Removal of Side Control..... Removal of side control...

In this case, I decided to move the pump to the lower level of the spa, and attach the suction directly to the valve where the skimmer and bottom drain are tied to each other.  This way I will have a lot of room to put the spa control pack itself.
Making room for the pump motor location. Pump final position...
Like I said before... think and re-think.  In this case I forgot to re-think, and installed the PVC U-bend.  All I really needed in this case was a simple 90 degree elbow to route the pump discharge to the spa pack. Plumbing the pump to the spa pack...

Plumbing the system. Plumbing the system.
Now, what I did at this point was to fabricate an 'S' configuration that will get the water from the heater discharge into the existing filter.  Without this arrangement, the filter would need to be replaced.  Here I used 2 1.5" U-Bends, and 1.5" PVC flex hose.  This usually works pretty well, much better than using 90 degree elbows. 

drilling for the new thermowell Apply silicone sealant prior to installation.
Before I get too far on the plumbing, I'm going to go ahead and install the thermowell for the new temperature sensor.  I usually pick a flat spot somewhere easy to get to, at the half-depth point of the water level.  This will ensure that the temperature reading reflects more of an 'average' temperature of the water.  I use a 1" flat wood bit to make the hole.
Then I apply a liberal amount of clear silicone sealant to the back of the thermowell.

Thermowell installed Foam insulation removed from area
Pushing the thermowell through the shell, the next thing is to apply silicone sealant around the back of the thermowell, where it meets the fiberglas shell.  Note how I removed the tub foam insulation to provide a positive sealing surface for the retaining nut.

Silicone sealant applied and retaining ring installed Installing temperature sensor and end cap
Thermowell and sensor installation complete.  
Top left, the retaining nut threaded on and tightened down finger tight.  Top, the temperature sensor inserted into the well assembly, and the retaining cover threaded into place.  Left.  The finished assembly, with the excess silicone sealant wiped off.
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