spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and service help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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Rats can do incredible damage to a spa, here's some examples...
Rats and mice around your spa are no joking matter.  In a matter of a few days or weeks, they can cause hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars worth of damage to virtually any spa! 

Known Habits:

  • If there's a lot of foam in your spa, rats will burrow and create their own full blown condominiums, complete with defacation rooms.
  • If your spa has poly-ethylene (clear wall) tubing for plumbing (as most newer spas are), rats and mice will chew holes in the tubing in record time!
  • In the case of flexible PVC hose (as depicted above), mice will have a tough time with it, but large rats sit down with forks and knives for a meal!
Symptoms of Rats & Damage:
  • Water leaks that all of a sudden just show up, and can't be isolated to a piece of equipment.
  • Rat droppings inside spa equipment cabinet (under the spa skirt).
  • Elevate spa on a deck.  Do not put spa directly on ground level. 
  • If spa must be put at ground level, cover the outside perimeter with a layer of heavy gravel or stones to prevent rats and mice from gaining access through cracks and crevices in the side of and under the spa skirt.
  • Ensure that all sides of spa skirt are not hidden by walls, dirt, etc.
  • Use bug spray under skirt to eliminate bugs and other attractive items for rats.
  • Mouse traps/baits under spa skirt (lock skirt doors to keep children safe).

  • Maintain good housekeeping around spa area.
  • Try putting mothballs inside spa skirt... (Be sure area is safe from children!)
This particular rat has had a pretty bad day... didn't get just one trap, but two at the same time.

Traps work great under spas.  For bait, hard, uncooked macaroni (from a macaroni and cheese box) is perfect.  Just leave some around and on top of the trap.  Don't try to use the bait hook for anything...  

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