spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and service help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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Safety Warnings!
Remove Power from the spa/hot tub and circuit breaker panel BEFORE working on electrical equipment!  Failure to comply with this requirement, can lead to electrical shock and/or electrocution!

This is a GENERAL GUIDE ONLY!  USE this information at your OWN RISK!  Consult with or hire a licensed electrician before beginning any work of this type!

Any hot tub or spa installation must have a remote cut off switch, that must be mounted at least five feet away from, and within sight of the spa.  Be sure that your remote cut off is NOT installed  closer than this.

Any suitable exterior grade cut-off switch will generally work for this application, with probably the most common being a non-fused 60 amp pull handle style switch, available for less than $15.00.

The above diagram says a lot.  This is the way that most 230 volt portable spas are connected.  I always prefer to use 6 gauge copper conductors.  Some installations may be able to get away with only using 8 gauge, but that's all dependent upon the maximum current draw of the spa, and the distance of the wire run.  Consult with an electrician on the recommended specs, and code compliance for your area to be sure.

1.  If your house has 4 line service into the main circuit breaker box, then the neutral pig-tail from the GFCI will be tied to the neutral bus, and the ground tied to the ground bus. 

Otherwise, if you have 3 wire service, as most older homes do, then the ground to the spa, and the white pig-tail from the GFCI will tie directly to the combination ground/neutral bus.  Do NOT tie the neutral from the spa, to the neutral bus, (unless you have a 2 wire GFCI).  (Most common mistake made installing an electrical run for a spa!).

2.  Be sure to attach the ground wire to the remote cut-off box ground connection.  Do NOT tie the neutral and the ground wires together here!  (Second most common mistake).

3.  Be sure that the neutral wires to the spa, inside the remote cut-off switch, are tied together, and totally isolated from any other wires, particularly the ground wires.  Do not tie the neutral wires to any terminal in this box, unless the terminal is isolated from ground.

If you have 3 wire service to your home,  then here is a graphic depiction of how to properly connect a GFCI.

If you have 4 wire service to your home, then here is a graphic depiction of how to properly connect a GFCI.

Use this information at your own risk!  Consult or hire an electrician if in doubt as to your particular application.
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