spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and service help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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Ground Fault Circuit Breakers, GFCI's, 115 Volt 230V GFCI's
Safety Warnings!
Remove Power from the spa/hot tub and circuit breaker panel BEFORE working on electrical equipment!  Failure to comply with this requirement, can lead to electrical shock and/or electrocution!

This is a GENERAL GUIDE ONLY!  USE this information at your OWN RISK!  Consult with or hire a licensed electrician before beginning any work of this type!

GFCI's, (also referred to as GFI's), come in all shapes and sizes, and are required these days on all spa installations. One thing to remember about them is that they provide an added measure of protection and safety not offered by anything else available on the market today.

115 Volt Spas

These days, most spas of this design will provide for a built in GFCI, either in the spa control pack, or on the plug itself... that is, the plug IS the GFCI. How do you tell? Just look at it and you'll see either indicator lights, push-buttons, or both, as well as the manufacturer product identification markings that indicate that it is a Ground Fault Circuit Interupter. 

If you are unable to ascertain that the spa has an integrated GFCI, then you will need to install one (or have an electrician do this for you) at the dedicated 115 Volt line supply plug in on the side of your home. Most of you have seen these devices located in the bathrooms of your own home, or in hotel bathrooms; (they're even putting them on hair dryers these days! Smart move!). If you don't find them in your "newer" home, chances are that you've got one installed in your circuit breaker box with a test button on it. To reset it, simply switch the breaker off, and then back on again.

They will usually have two buttons, one that says "test", and the other "reset".... or just "T", and "R". To test the device to see if it is functioning properly, just press the test button, and the reset button should immediately pop out, and remove power from the outlet, or the device under power. 

If however, the test button doesn't cause the reset button to pop out, or the reset button won't re-activate power, then the GFCI needs to be replaced. GFCI's of the wall socket variety can be found at your local hardware store, or building materials supplier. They will cost between $11.00 and $15.00. Please, for your own safety, don't try to repair a broken one, or bypass it for that matter... besides, would you really want to risk your life for a lousy 11-15 dollars? Keep it safe, and do it right!

220 Volt GFCI's
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