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spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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CTI Mini-Max Pump, Blower, or Ozonator Conversion, from 115 to 230V Diagrams Index Configure Mini-Max for 115V Operation only

The CTI Mini-Max and Digital Signetic Spa controls are designed to work with either 230 or 115 volt devices. The following shows how to convert them from 115 to 230, simply switching the common line for the concerned piece of equipment.

First thing to do is identify the pump connector. You need to follow the white wire from the connector, all the way over to the left side of the circuit board. It may be easiest to do this by cutting the nylon tie wraps around the wire bundle.

Identifying pump connector

This simply identifies the two sources of return power for all of the devices in the spa control, the neutral and L1 Bus attachment points. If a component runs on 115 volts, it's common line will be connected to the neutral set. If it runs on 230, then it will be connected to the L1 side.
The neutral bus uses J9, J10, and J11 as identified on the circuit board. The L1 bus uses J13, J14, and J15, located just below the neutral bus.

Identifying bus terminals

On the left side of the circuit board is where the pump common line ties into. It is going to be the largest white wire in this case. You will need to at least cut the nylon tie wraps around this end of the harness to gain access to the quick disconnects.

Wire Tracing

Now for the easy part. Simply remove the common line from the neutral bus, and re-attach it to the L1 bus, as shown in the following image.

Removing pump common line

Simply attach the line to J13, J14, or J15. Note this procedure is the same for the blower and ozonator plug.... but only if they're running on 230 volt power!

pump common line re-installed

To change any other devices, simply select the appropriate common line for the associated component plug. To change one from 230 to 115 volts, simply reverse the procedure. Be careful though, you could destroy a 115 volt device by the misapplication of 230 volt power to it!
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