spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
spa parts, hot tub parts and service help
spa parts, hot tub parts and repair help
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E-Z Lifter ®
by Dimension One Spas®

For  the best spa cover lift available, try the E-Z Lifter ®, designed and patented by Dimension One Spas. 

  • It's easy to install... can usually be accomplished in less than an hour by a homeowner, using a battery powered drill or screwdriver.
  • Can be adapted to work with almost any spa/deck configuration.
  • Keeps your cover in good shape, with no exposted mechanical parts to damage your cover.
  • Makes it easy even for the weak at heart to maneuver a large spa cover.
  • The E-Z Lifter ® will extend the life of your cover, since it prevents abrasion to the vinyl surface, and accidental breakage from handling your spa cover on the deck!
The E-Z Lifter ® by Dimension One Spas is available from your local Dimension One dealer.  To find one near you, call 1.800.345.7727, or check the Dimension One website today!

Overall view of the E-Z Lifter ®  installation.

The easiest and most 'common sense' cover lifter around!
Simply fold over the first section over the second...

Then, lift the folded edge of the spa cover and push it back... it's easy because the 
E-Z Lifter ® actually helps you to do it!
The cover easily comes to rest in a hanging position.

The base mount of the E-Z Lifter®  is held in by self-tapping screws, and comes with all components necessary for an easy and successful installation. 

(Having installed a couple of these lifters myself, I can tell you it is a rather easy assembly to put together... just follow the simple pictorial and descriptive instructions included with your lifter).
Check your Yellow Pages under "Spa Dealers," the Dimension One Spas Website, or call1.800.345.7727 to find a dealer near you!
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